• Joseph-Alpert

    Joseph S. Alpert

    Professor of Medicine
    University of Arizona College of Medicine
    The American Journal of Medicine

  • Ed Barnas

    Ed Barnas Consulting

  • Peter Berkery

    Executive Director
    Association of American University Presses

  • Steve Chapman

    McGraw-Hill, Professional’s Technical Group

  • Barbara Chen

    Director, Bibliographic Information Sciences and Editor, MLA International Bibliography
    Modern Language Association

  • Michael Connelly

    Professor Emeritus
    Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto

  • Peter Coveney

    Executive Editor for History

  • Nigel Fletcher-Jones

    The American University in Cairo Press

  • Ilene Kalish

    Executive Editor, Social Sciences
    New York University Press

  • Myer Kutz

    Myer Kutz Associates Inc.

  • Eric Nils Lindquist

    Librarian for History, American Studies, and Classics
    University of Maryland Libraries

  • Daniel C. Mack

    Associate Dean, Collection Strategies & Services
    University of Maryland
    College Park, MD

  • Eric Novotny

    Humanities Librarian and Subject Specialist for History, History of Science and Middle East Studies
    Pennsylvania State University

  • Peter Ohlin

    Executive Editor
    Oxford University Press

  • Beatrice Rehl

    Publishing Director, Humanities
    Cambridge University Press

  • Chris Reid

    Senior Publisher
    Oxford University Press

  • John Rennie

    Editorial Director, AccessScience
    McGraw-Hill Education

  • William Schmitt

    Executive Content Strategist, Clinical Solutions

  • Laura Stearns

    Routledge, an imprint of Taylor & Francis

  • Michelle Troseth

    Chief Professional Practice Officer
    Elsevier Clinical Solutions