Now Accepting Entries: 2023 PROSE Awards Entry Form

2023 PROSE Awards Entry Guidelines

Publishers are encouraged to pay the $105.00 fee per entry online using a credit card. All payments must be received by November 23, 2022 for entries to be eligible.

The online entry system tracks each entry by the name and email address of the submitting person. You may submit one payment to cover all entries submitted with your email address once you confirm that you submitted all entries. 

Online Entry Form Guidelines

Please complete each entry form in one session. (If you close your browser without completing the entry form, any text you have input will be lost and you will need to restart.)

  • We recommend that you create a text file for your entry and then cut and paste relevant information into the online form.
  • The online entry system tracks entries by the name and email address of the submitting person. To pay for all your entries at one time, use the same email address for each entry.

Information needed to complete the entry form:

  1. Name and contact information for person submitting entry
  2. Entry type, subject category, and URL (if available)
  3. Entry title and author or editor
  4. Answers to the following (will appear in the form once you click on type of entry):
    1. What makes the entry distinctive and innovative?
    2. What contribution does the entry make to the field or body of knowledge?
    3. Why was the title chosen for publication by your press?
  5. Additional explanatory information about the entry. This can include:
    1. Links to published articles and/or reviews
    2. Reader reviews (paste into field)
    3. Endorsements (paste into field)
  6. Cover art (JPEG or PNG only)
    1. These images ensure the correct entry form accompanies the book, journal, nonfiction graphic novel, or eProduct submitted
    2. Cover art is used in promotional materials about the PROSE Awards
  7. Electronic Review copies (submitted before payment)
    1. Upload two (2) review copy files. 
      • If password protected, please include any required usernames and passwords under the designated fields.
      • Unlocked Word documents are not acceptable.
  8. Credit card payment (once all entries are submitted)
    1. The online system will calculate a total when you go to the “Make a Payment Form”
    2. If you need a payment receipt, please email:
  9. Winners will be required to provide physical copies to AAP.
Notification of Finalists and Winners

The winners in each of the five areas of excellence will then compete for the R.R. Hawkins Award, the ultimate winner of a given year’s PROSE Award competition.

Judges will select finalists for each category prior to selecting winners. Finalists will be publicly announced in early 2023 and will be formally recognized as PROSE Awards Finalists – an official designation that marketers may use in their promotional materials.

AAP will reveal and recognize winners for each category. AAP will provide all winners and finalists with respective designations and seals, which may be used publicly on the awarded works in promotional materials.

Finalists will be notified via email in early 2023 prior to being promoted via AAP’s social channels, press releases, and other promotional materials.

Subject category winners, Excellence Award winners, and the R.R. Hawkins Award winner will be  announced via AAP’s social media channels, a press release listing all winners will be issued, and the winners will be posted to

Frequently Asked Questions

Can electronic review copies be submitted for a PROSE Award?

Yes, electronic review copies are required for the 2023 PROSE Awards. Electronic review copies are submitted before payment. Submitters are required to upload two (2) review copy files. Acceptable file types are annotable PDFs or password protected electronic copies. If password protected, please include any required usernames and passwords under the designated fields. Unlocked Word documents are not acceptable.

Judges may request hardcopies during review.

Winners will be required to provide physical copies to AAP.

Can authors submit their own book for a PROSE Award?

No, only publishers can submit an entry for consideration. Authors are encouraged to contact their editors/publishers to determine if their book will be submitted for this year’s competition.

How do I check my organization’s membership status?

Please check the AAP website:  or the AUPresses website: for their respective member lists.

Is there a limit to how many books a publisher can submit?

No, publishers may submit as many books as they like.

Can a publisher submit a book in multiple categories?

Yes, provided there is an entry form and payment for each of the categories.

A book was published after last year’s PROSE Award entry deadline – can it be submitted this year? Only books with a 2022 copyright are eligible for the 2023 PROSE Awards. If a book was published in late 2021, but has a copyright of 2022, you may enter it into the 2023 competition.

My book will be published after the entry deadline – can I submit a galley or advance reader’s copy?

Yes, you may submit a galley or advance reader copy if the book has a 2022 copyright.

What if I am not sure which category fits best?

Submit in the category that best aligns with where you expect to find the book in a library or bookstore. On occasion, a judge may read an entry form or book and determine it is better suited to a different category. The judge will then forward that entry onto the appropriate judge for review.

Where do I include press articles, reviews, endorsements or other supporting information?

Please include links to press coverage and reviews in the “Additional Explanatory Information” section of the entry form. Supporting quotes or endorsements can be copied and pasted into this section. Please do not include dust cover copy.

Will confirm receipt of review copies (books/journals/nonfiction graphic works/eProducts)?

Given the volume of entries, we cannot confirm receipt. We will contact you if there is an entry form without a corresponding review copies or if we receive review copies without an entry form.