• Karen Adler
    Harvard Education Press
  • Joseph-Alpert

    Joseph S. Alpert
    Professor of Medicine
    University of Arizona College of Medicine
    The American Journal of Medicine
  • Peter Berkery
    Executive Director
    Association of University Presses
  • Ninad R. Bondre
    Senior Editor, Sustainability Science and Initiatives
    Cell Press
  • Steve Chapman
    McGraw-Hill, Professional’s Technical Group
  • Hilary Claggett
    Senior Acquisitions Editor, Global Business
    Georgetown University Press
  • Nigel Fletcher-Jones
    Archaeology Editor and Writer
  • Julia Frank-McNeil
    Former Publisher
    APA Books, American Psychological Association
  • Katie Gallof
    Senior Editor
    Bloomsbury Academic
  • Steven Heffner
    Managing Director, Publications
  • Robert Hurley
    Former Executive Editor
    Wolters Kluwer
  • Ilene Kalish
    Executive Editor, Social Sciences
    New York University Press
  • Sara Kern
    Student Success & Outreach Librarian
    Juniata College
  • Myer Kutz
    Myer Kutz Associates Inc.
  • Daniel C. Mack
    Associate Dean, Collection Strategies & Services
    University of Maryland
    College Park, MD
  • Tom McCollough
    Nelson and Mary McDowell Rodes Emeritus Professor of Religion
    Centre College
  • DaiWai Olson

    DaiWai Olson
    Professor of Neurology
    University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  • Sean Pidgeon

    Sean Pidgeon
    Senior Editor
    Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • Nils Ch. Rauhut
    Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies
    Coastal Carolina University
  • Beatrice Rehl
    Publishing Director, Humanities
    Cambridge University Press
  • Chris Reid
    Director of Publishing and Product Development
    American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Jordan Sly
    Research, Instruction, and Liaison Librarian
    University of Maryland Libraries
  • Faith Wilson Stein

    Faith Wilson Stein
    Senior Editor
    Northwestern University Press
  • Jose I Suarez
    Professor and
    Chief Neurosciences Critical Care
    The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • Maria Velazquez
    Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy