Peter Coveney

Peter Coveney was formerly Executive Editor for History at Wiley, managing the overall History team and acquiring text and reference titles in European, British, and World History. He was originally hired to start the American history program at Blackwell, which he accomplished through commissioning as well as acquiring two other American history publishers in six years: Brandywine Press (in 2006) and Harlan Davidson, Inc. (in 2012). Prior to this he was Senior Editor in History at Oxford University Press and Executive Editor for Humanities and Social Sciences at M.E. Sharpe. He has also held positions at Greenwood, Harper & Row, IBM, and CBS College Publishing. He is the author of over a dozen articles on various aspects of book collecting, and has taught courses on becoming an editor and the history of the book; his chapter on college textbooks in What Editors Do: The Art, Craft, and Business of Book Editing is forthcoming from University of Chicago Press.