• Joseph-Alpert

    Joseph S. Alpert

    Professor of Medicine
    University of Arizona College of Medicine
    The American Journal of Medicine

  • Steve Chapman

    McGraw-Hill, Professional’s Technical Group

  • Carol McGall
    Associate Marketing Director, STM Journals
    John Wiley and Sons

  • Michael G. Fisher

    Assistant Director for University Relations and Executive Editor for Science and Medicine
    Harvard University Press

  • Nigel Fletcher-Jones

    The American University in Cairo Press

  • Myer Kutz

    Myer Kutz Associates Inc.

  • Jean Laponce
    Modern West European History & Philosophy Librarian
    Columbia University Libraries

  • George Lobell

    Economics/Finance/Public Policy/Quantitative Methods Acquisitions Editor
    ME Sharpe

  • Henry Tom
    Executive Editor
    Johns Hopkins University Press

  • Eric Smith
    Reference Dept
    Perkins Library

  • Steve Smith
    Books Publishing Director, Social Sciences & Humanities

  • Helle Mathiasen
    Clinical Professor of Medical Humanities Emerita
    University of Arizona College of Medicine

  • John Ryden

    Director Emeritus
    Yale University Press

  • Kate Wittenberg
    Consultant, ePublishing and Scholarly Communications
    Columbia University