Ilene Kalish
Ilene Kalish is Executive Editor, Social Sciences at New York University Press. She acquires books in the areas of Sociology, Criminology, Women’s Studies and Politics. With over twenty years of experience in academic publishing, she has published books for the general reader as well as for the scholarly and professional reader. The books on her list generally focus on issues of social justice, inequality, and current events. Her books have won over thirty academic awards, including the American Sociological Association’s Distinguished Publication Award, the American Society of Criminology Michael J. Hindelang Award for the Most Outstanding Contribution to Research in Criminology (for both 2007 and 2015) and the Diamond Anniversary Book Award presented by the National Communication Association. Before coming to NYU Press she was a Senior Editor at Routledge and an Assistant Editor at Prentice Hall, acquiring books in Psychology, Education, and Anthropology. She received a Bachelor’s of Arts in English Textual Studies and in Policy Studies as well as a Masters of Arts in English from Syracuse University. She is a past Editorial Board member of the American Sociological Association’s journal, Contexts.