R.R. Hawkins Award
Oxford University Press
Building of the United States
By: Pamela Scott, Antoinette J. Lee, and David Gebhard, and Gerald Masheim

  • Excellence in Design & Production – Book
    Van Nostrand Reinhold
    Art of Garnishing
    By: Inja Nam & Arno Schmidt

  • Best Single Issue of a Journal
    ACM Press
    Communications of the ACM (July 1993, vol. 36, number 7)
    Executive Editor: Diane Crawford

  • Excellence in Design& Production – Journal
    National Science Teachers Association & Springer – Verlag, New York, Inc.
    Publisher: Bill G. Aldridge

  • Best New Electronic Product
    The Electronic Library of Medicine, Little, Brown & Company
    Maxx Maximum Access to Diagnosis and Therapy
    Editors: Little, Brown & Company

Category Award Winners
  • General Engineering
    The Johns Hopkins University Press
    The American Railroad Freight Car
    By: John H. White, Jr.

  • Engineering Handbooks
    McGraw-Hill, Inc.
    The McGraw-Hill Recycling Handbook
    Editor in Chief: Herber F. Lund

  • Computer Science
    ACM Press
    The Stanford Graphbase
    By: Donald E. Knuth

  • Chemistry
    John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
    Environmental Organic Chemistry
    By: Rene P. Schwarzenbach, Philip M. Gschwend, and Dieter M. Imboden

  • Mathematics
    The Mathematical Association of America
    Knot Theory
    By: Charles Livingston

  • Physics & Astronomy
    Princeton University Press
    Air and Water
    By: Mark W. Denny

  • Geography & Earth Sciences
    American Geophysical Union
    The Tornado: It’s Structure, Dynamics, Prediction, and Hazards
    Edited By: C. Church, D. Burgess, C. Doswell, R. Davies-Jones

  • Biological Science
    John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
    Biodiversity of the Southeastern United States
    Upland Terrestrial Communities
    Editors: William H. Martin, Stephen G. Boyce, and Arthur C. Echternacht
    Lowland Terrestrial Communities
    Editors: William H. Martin, Stephen G. Boyce, and Arthur C. Echternacht
    Aquatic Communities
    Editors: Courtney T. Hackney, S. Marshall Adams, William H. Martin

  • Medical Science
    Little, Brown and Company
    Surgical Intensive Care
    Editors: Philip S. Barie, M.D; G. Tom Shires, M.D.

  • Clinical Medicine
    Oxford University Press
    Human Malformation and Related Anomalies (2 vols.)
    Editors: Roger E. Stevenson, Judith G. Hall, Richard M. Goodman

  • Nursing & Allied Health
    W. B. Saunders Company
    Comprehensive Neonatal Nursing
    By: Carole Kenner, Ann Brueggemeyer, Laurie Porter Gunderson

  • History
    Simon & Schuster
    Encyclopedia of the Confederacy
    Editor in Chief: Richard N. Current

  • Government & Political Science
    Charles Scribner’s Sons
    Encyclopedia of Arms Control and Disarmament
    Editor: Richard Dean Burns

  • Psychology
    Yale University Press
    The Lenses of Gender
    By: Sandra Lipsitz Bem

  • Sociology & Anthropology
    Harvard University Press
    The Nariokotome Homo Erectus Skeleton
    Editors: Alan Walker, an Richard Leakey

  • Economics
    Oxford University Press
    Trade—The Engine of Growth in East Asia
    By: Peter C.Y. Chow and Mitchell H. Kellman

  • Business & Management
    Harvard Business School Press
    Mass Customization
    By: B. Joseph Pine II

  • Legal
    West Publishing Co.
    Sustainable Environmental Law
    Editors: Celia Campbell-Mohn, Darry Breen, J. William Futrell

  • Accounting Practice
    John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
    Software Industry Accounting
    By: Joseph M. Morris, CPA

  • Philosophy & Religion
    Yale University Press
    The Origins of Christian Morality
    By: Wayne A. Meeks

  • Arts, Language & Literature
    Oxford University Press
    The Oxford Guide to Classical Mythology in the Arts: 1300 – 1990s (2 vols.)
    By: Jane Davidson Reid

  • Science, Technology & Medicine
    John Wiley & Sons
    Computer Applications in Engineering Education
    Editor: Magdy F. Iskander

  • Business, Social Sciences & Humanities
    Oxford University Press
    Common Knowledge
    Editor: Jeffrey M. Perl