R.R. Hawkins Award
University of Chicago Press
The History of Cartography, Vol., 2, Book I
Editors: J.B. Harley and David Woodward

  • Excellence in Book Design & Production
    The J. Paul Getty Museum
    Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta
    By: Lee Hendrix and Teha Vignau-Wilberg
    Editors: Andrea P.S. Belloli and Cynthia Newman Helms

  • Best New Journal – Science, Technology & Medicine
    Oxford University Press
    Cerebral Cortex
    Co-editors: Patricia Goldman – Rakie and Pasko Rakie

  • Best New Journal – Business, Social Sciences & Humanities
    Oxford University Press
    Transition: An International Review
    Editors: Henry Louis Gates Jr., and Kwame Anthony Appiah

  • Best Single Issue of a Journal
    American Geophysical Union
    Journal of Geophysical Research – Planets, Vol. 97, Number E8, August 25, 1992
    Editor: Dr. Clark R. Chapman

  • Excellence in Journal Design & Production
    Mathematical Intelligence
    Editor-in-Chief: Chandler Davis

Category Award Winners
  • General Engineering
    Yale University Press
    Roofed Theaters of Classical Antiquity
    By: George C. Izenour

  • Engineering Handbooks
    Van Nostrand Reinhold
    Membrane Handbook
    Editors: W.S. Winston Ho & Kamalesh K. Sirkar

  • Computer Science
    John Wiley & sons
    Nanostystems: Molecular Machinery, Manufacturing & Computation
    By: K. Eric Drexler

  • Architecture & Urban Planning
    The University of Chicago Press
    Architecture and Planning of Graham, Anderson, Probst, and White (1912 – 1936)
    By: Sally A. Kitt Chappell

  • Chemistry
    Oxford University Press
    Atomic & Molecular Beam Methods, Vol., 2
    Editor: Giacinto Scoles

  • Mathematics
    Chaos & Fractals: New Frontiers of Science
    By: Heinz-Otto Peitgen Hatmut Jurgens, & Dietmar Saupre

  • Physics & Astronomy
    Cambridge University Press
    New Astronomy
    By: Johannes Kepler, Author & William H. Donohue, Translator

  • Geography & Earth Sciences
    Cambridge University Press
    The Proterozoic Biosphere: A Multidisciplinary Study
    Editors: J. William Schopf and Cornelius Klein

  • Biological Sciences
    John Wiley & Sons
    Fundamentals of Orchid Biology
    By: Professor Joseph Arditti

  • Medical Science
    W.B.Saunders Company
    Skeletal Trauma: Fractures, Dislocations, Ligament Injuries
    By: Bruce D. Browner, MD; Jesse B. Jupiter, MS; Alan M. Levine, MD; and Peter G. Tafton, MD

  • Clinical Medicine & Allied Health
    Little, Brown & Co. Professional Division
    Vascular Medicine
    By: Josephy Loscalzo, Mark A. Creager, and Victor J. Dzau

  • History
    Belknap Press at Harvard University Press
    New Worlds, Ancient Texts: The Power of Tradition and the Shock of Discovery
    By: Anthony Grafton

  • Government & Political Science
    Harvard University Press
    The Vital South: How Presidents Are Elected
    By: Earl Black & Merle Black

  • Psychology
    Princeton University Press
    The Apotheosis of Captain Cook: European Mythmaking in the Pacific
    By: Gananath Obeyesekere

  • Economics
    Oxford University Press
    Small Wars, Big Defense: Paying for the Military After the Cold War
    By: Murray Weidenbaum

  • Business & Management
    The Free Press
    Intelligent Enterprise
    By: James Brian Quinn

  • Legal & Accounting Practice
    Matthew Bender
    Environmental Law Practice Guide
    General Editor: Michael B. Gerrard Esquire

  • Philosophy & Religion
    The Johns Hopkins University Press
    Madonnas that Maim: Popular Catholicism in Italy Since the Fifteenth Century
    By: Michael P. Carroll

  • Arts, Literature & Language
    Oxford University Press
    International Encyclopedia of Linguistics
    Editor: William Bright